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Fiber To The Home

Fiber To The Home
Fiber To The Home
Fiber To The Home

Fiber To The Home

Last updated: Mar 27, 2020

Fiber to the Home or simply FTTH is a technology that uses optical fiber directly from the central point to the residential premises (as shown in the following image). It provides uninterrupted high-speed internet service. Here, “H” includes both home and small business.

FTTH is the ultimate fiber access solution where each subscriber is connected to an optical fiber. The deployment options discussed in this tutorial are based on a complete optical fiber path from the Optical Line Termination (OLT) right to the subscriber premises.


Fiber offers a number of advantages over the previous technologies (Copper).
    * Easily upgradeable
      * Easy to install
        * Allows fully symmetric services
          * Reduces operations and maintenance costs
            * Covers very long distances
              * Strong, flexible, and reliable
                * Allows small diameter and lightweight cables
                  * Safe and secure
                    * Immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI)
                      * Lower cost

                      Services Bandwidth
                      Data Download 10 Mbps
                      VoIP and video-conference 1 Mbps
                      Music on demand, multimedia contents 2 Mbps
                      On-line Gaming 1 Mbps
                      SD Digital TV 3 Mbps
                      HD Digital TV 8 Mbps
                      Additional TV channels 16 Mbps

                      Optical Fiber Method can be deployed in two ways: Active Method and Passive Method. The current mass FTTH deployment is based on the passive method. Hence, let’s discuss the Passive Method in detail.